Pair of bottle vases with incised motifs

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Pair of bottle vases with incised motifs

Post by Essenjay on February 18th 2017, 7:07 pm

I'm not really quite sure what to make of these two vases...

Ochre / honey glaze, incised naive decoration. One has a large sun face on the front and on the reverse a bird, a face in a heart and a plant (not to mention a creepy diamond face above the sun); on the other there is also a sun face, a butterfly and a plant either side of the handle. There's blurry underglaze blue paint.

The clay is off-white earthenware (which can be seen in the chips) while it has a pinkish tinge on the underside of each. Unmarked although one has pencilled numbers, possibly a price.

My first thoughts were Belgian, given the way the blue has bled but I'm not really sure. Possibly folk art from somewhere in South or Central America? Clearly they have a good deal of age about them from the old looking crack around the centre of one plus fine glaze crazing.

Anyone have any thoughts... whatsoever?

(apologies for the number of pics - admin, please feel free to delete some!)


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