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Wenford Bridge potter Empty Wenford Bridge potter

Post by Essenjay July 7th 2016, 7:46 pm

I've just bought a few plates at a local boot sale from a friendly old boy who moved in to the Wenford Bridge pottery after Seth Cardew vacated in the 1990s. He said that there were a number of unfinished pieces left behind including the ones I bought (I missed a big bag of kiln stilts from the pottery though). One plate was impressed with Seth Cardew's and the pottery's seals (even now it's being used to feed the mother-in-law's dog  Shrugs ).  As to the others, there's no WB seal on them but there is another personal seal which looks like a loopy lower case 'nh' or 'na' where the base stick of each letter tapers in slightly. I know that a good many potters visited the place over the years but I can't find this mark. Would anyone kindly suggest an attribution? Sorry about the quality of the mark - it's the clearest of the three. 21.5cm diameter btw...

Wenford Bridge potter P7070487

Wenford Bridge potter P7070485


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