Oatmeal coloured goblet with green swirl

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Oatmeal coloured goblet with green swirl

Post by Mactonex on February 24th 2016, 5:02 pm


any help with the id of this goblet much appreciated.

It is oatmeal in colour with brown flecks in the glaze. There is a green swirl with a resist swirl below to the bare clay. This is spotted with raised flecks of blue glaze.

There is a blue decorative brushmark on the stem. The stem is lightly ribbed, as is the bowl, which leads me to believe it is a coil pot?

There is a brown mark on the inside of the stem, but I can't make out if it is a signature or name as it is seems to have run.

Measures 13.5cm high, 5.5 across base, 9cm across bowl.


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