Sancai glazed bowl?

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Sancai glazed bowl? Empty Sancai glazed bowl?

Post by stardust* January 2nd 2016, 12:22 pm

I think this is a chinese Sancai glazed bowl... but I would appreciate thoughts on this whether I'm completely off track. I can't find anything this shape on web search.
There are some markings under the glaze which show through where the glaze has missed. The surface has all over cracking in the glaze.
Approx. 20cm widest point.
Can anyone help identify this please?

Sancai glazed bowl? Img_1810
Sancai glazed bowl? Img_1811
Sancai glazed bowl? Img_1812
Sancai glazed bowl? Img_1813

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Sancai glazed bowl? Empty Re: Sancai glazed bowl?

Post by NaomiM January 2nd 2016, 2:57 pm

Despite the colour combination, Chinese would not be my first thought. Pre-war Belgium is a possibility

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