Unknown Glass Vase/bowl

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Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Empty Unknown Glass Vase/bowl

Post by antiquerose123 January 12th 2015, 8:36 am

Hi there:

Not sure of the maker but I think it is Pretty.  Art Nouveau??  It is clear with some *Gold* iridescent near the top half of the vase There are 4 applied rope decorations on it.  The top rim appears to be polished, IMHO.  There seems to be a light Gold iridescent to it.  Good wear on the bottom.  About 5.25 inches high, quite a bit wider.  I think the ropes are a bit more *green* than in the Photos.....Imho.  Would I call this a Vase or a Bowl (like in Rose bowl)??

Thanks for any help

Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Gmb-un10

Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Gmb-un11

Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Gmb-un12

Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Gmb-un13

Unknown Glass Vase/bowl Gmb-un14


I added a few extra pics as I am at a dead end for this one.  The only thing that I can find kinda similar (in a ball park way) are these:


Stueban ???

Any ideas??  Argh!

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