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Don Jones

Post by Potty on October 14th 2014, 5:05 pm

denbydump wrote:A large pair of stoneware vases, the necks are slightly different shapes though.
10 inches high, lovely ash glaze that shows up well in sunlight, maroon interior.

Does anyone recognise the potter's seal? Looks like JD ot DJ.

studio-pots wrote:They are by Don Jones, who worked at the pottery from 1950 until 1971 but potted from 1958 onwards. I suspect they are from the end of his time there, as for much of the Sixties the policy was for pots to be anonymous. He potted at home after leaving Winchcombe.

Here are 2 made after he left Winchcombe:

findmypot wrote:small round lidded pot marked with maybe dj? or jd?

climberg64 wrote:
climberg64 wrote:

Dear All,

does anyone have any ideas about this small pot? The mark looks like JD or DJ.

Thanks for looking Happy

And this one from 2011. Sometimes ids take time... Happy

lozzy68 wrote:I Had A Feeling It Wasn't A gnome As Studio-Pots Said There Is No Hat On Him
NaomiM wrote:I'm watching other Willies, so maybe I'll get one at some point.
studio-pots wrote:I know my raku Happy

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