Empoli bottle vase?

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Empoli bottle vase? Empty Empoli bottle vase?

Post by NaomiM April 30th 2014, 8:24 pm

Hoping someone can confirm whether or not this is Empoli. Found one on google images attributed to Empoli, which was  a cased red on white bottle vase, the same shape as this one, but the base was a little different - same small ground pontil in the middle but the rest of the base hasn't been ground flat like this one.

This one appears to be a cased red / yellow (yellow can be seen at the rim).
Flat ground base with concave ground pontil on the centre.
24cm height
approx.19cm dia
4.5cm across the neck

Empoli bottle vase? Dscn0125

Empoli bottle vase? Dscn0127

Empoli bottle vase? Dscn0129

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