Gerhard Dölz (Doelz) GDR potter

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Gerhard Dölz (Doelz) GDR potter

Post by styleinvasion on March 1st 2013, 1:07 pm

he used more than one mark over the time. the left one is the older one and the GDö mark is known without the ö as well and the last picture shows the mark used together with Gerda Körting (Dölz had the letters GD underneath the stickman this one is Gerda Körtings mark)
the vase shown above is marked with the earlier GD...

G. Dölz, born 1926, in 1944 he started studying arts under Toni Drinhausen and Heinz Boesemann. In 1954 he shared a workshop with Gerda Körting and in 1958 he opened his own pottery workshop in Saalfeld
he died 2007

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