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Murano bowl? Empty Murano bowl?

Post by BrandX on February 11th 2013, 7:34 pm

Murano bowl? M111
Murano bowl? M210
Murano bowl? M310
Murano bowl? M410
Murano bowl? M510
Murano bowl? M610

This piece of cased glass was described as Murano but as I'm no expert I couldn't say. I haven't been able to find anything precisely like it though, and some aspects of it got me thinking. The glass and colours seem of good quality, but the finish is a bit odd, being slightly rippled in some places. The top surface has a rather "inflated" look, whilst the underside panels are concave. This gives it a feeling of being unfinished, and I wondered whether this could be a "blank" which would normally be worked upon further, perhaps to produce a flat-faceted bowl/ashtray or the like. However, I haven't been able to find any info on how they produce such bowls, only lots of repeated general stuff about glassblowing and its history, but I would imagine that the faceted bowls start off as a moulded piece (?). I am therefore unsure whether this is even a sensible theory (there doesn't seem to be enough "waste" clear glass to allow the grinding of facets [or however they do it] which makes it more unlikely).

So, I would apreciate a) any advice as to the identity of the piece, and b) any info on precisely how they do produce the faceted bowls (and geodes) or links to such info.

Details of the piece are: H - 3 inches, Dia. - 6 inches. It has a ground base.

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