Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase

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Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase Empty Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase

Post by CMC October 19th 2012, 8:58 pm

Any suggestions welcomed on this rather impressive vase which weighs 3kg

Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase SDC12478

Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase SDC12486

Thanks Chris

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Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase Empty Re: Huge 'Aqua' signed studio vase

Post by NaomiM October 20th 2012, 12:26 am

Tbh, I think it's a nice vase that a couple of art students have practised their dremeling and diamond wheel cutting on. Those circles are very rough, and the wheel cuts aren't parallel. Plus Irene and James aren't showing up on a google search, which they should be if they really have produced a run of at least 573 Art Glass Aqua vases.
A case of 'buyer beware'.

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