Brentleigh Pottery Vigo

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Brentleigh Pottery Vigo

Post by Adam20 on October 6th 2012, 3:28 pm

6.5" high vase in vibrant colours. This is cold painted and in excellent condition for that. Marked Brentleigh Ware England - Vigo. Found a lot on eBay but not much googled info. I think this is 50s.


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Post by Retrohead on January 13th 2013, 11:24 pm

Very unusual pattern for a Howard pottery Brentleigh piece. Many patterns fail to interest collectors as they tend to be too weak in the artistic merit of the pattern. Your piece, with its strong abstract pattern, utilizing the Vigo shape has just balance in design. It's great to see a piece in fab condition, since many Brentleigh wares suffer from flaking paint.


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