Pastel and Pinched Saki Cup Unmarked

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Pastel and Pinched Saki Cup Unmarked

Post by MCWebs on February 3rd 2018, 8:57 pm

Challenging one, but this was included in a lot with a few recognised studio potters from the UK and France (Keeler/Laverick/Howells/Chollet/Geoffroy etc)... And I feel like I have seen this work somewhere before (possibly at a previous earth and fire show or CReview) I have a feeling it could be a french potter but open to ideas.

Does this ring a bell with anyone else, the colours are light and pastely and has finger presses all around, although its small its a delightful thing - would love any information.. Please help..

sorry for all the photos

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Re: Pastel and Pinched Saki Cup Unmarked

Post by NaomiM on February 3rd 2018, 10:14 pm

Very nice Excellent †My first thought is French too, but without a mark I donít know who by. Maybe one of the La Borne potters

Just my personal opinion, take it or leave it.

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