Welsh Silver Plate goblet - maker ID sought (MJC or JMC?)

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Welsh Silver Plate goblet - maker ID sought (MJC or JMC?)

Post by J2020 on October 29th 2017, 6:13 pm

Hoping someone can identify the manufacturer of a silver-plated goblet manufactured in Wales? (see photos)

It stands 130mm tall and approx. 55mm wide (rim slightly wider than the base) and weighs about 137g .
Stalk and base are sealed - possibly hollow?
There are impressed marks on the base - "SILVER PLATE ON COPPER", a monogram/logo depicting a stylised J (or I?) over a crown-like capital "M" both overlaid by a smaller "C", and "MADE IN WALES"

Over the years I've found other such goblets (and candelabra - all in the same style with a beaded border near the base) advertised on online auction sites etc. and auction-house catalogues
- none of which have identified the maker.
Any further information would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

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