Pair of Light Opaque Pink Glass Vases

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Pair of Light Opaque Pink Glass Vases

Post by Hierocles on May 30th 2017, 4:28 pm

I bought these in Texas about 30 years ago at a little antique store. The vases stand 9" high including the base. Each glass vase has a flared bulb form top with a raised lip around the opening. It then tapers down to a narrow point. It fits into a metal holder that has 6 flat narrow brass strips with small stamped four-leaf clover designs on it. Each strip splays out from the vertical holder creating a 'flat support foot' that rests on top of an octagonal pink milk glass base with feet. The metal holder is attached to the glass base with something similar to a threaded lamp nipple. The glass vase measures 6 3/4" high, the metal holder measures 2 7/8" high from the top of the glass base. The base measures 4" across X 3/4" at each octagonal corner and 1/2" at the space between the feet.

The color of the glass is very similar to Crown Tuscan by Cambridge or Alacite by Aladdin Lamps. I personally always thought they might be European tho I had one gentleman who believes they were made by the Jefferson Glass Company as the design is very reminiscent to some of their glass lamps.  They are similar down to the feet on the base & they used lamp parts to attach the metal holder to the glass base. I would like to extend a big 'Thank You' in advance for any and all who share their knowledge and expertise. Hoping to finally identify the maker and date the pieces (tho I think they are from the 1920's or 1930's)


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