Anyone Know about early 20th century Copper Crafters?

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Anyone Know about early 20th century Copper Crafters?

Post by lorrgeno on December 10th 2012, 1:22 am

Why is it every piece I find at the thrift shop it's thisclose to an ID but it ends with someone elses piece by the same artist on Ebay with a description like "I don't know who JJB is but it's sure is pretty".
With that I give you this:
I was able to find the mark on old copper org. The mark itself is "JJB"
It's listed on OCO as " John D Brennan, worked in Detroit and was a member of the Detroit Arts and Crafts Society. OK, so John D Brennan marked his stuff with JJB and not JDB
Now I look him up and on auction sites, antique seller sites it's listed either way. Someone is wrong.
Here is the piece it's gorgeous A&Cs..but who was this man? I can't believe no one knows. I really think most of us in the USA don't deserve gorgeous vintage things like this because we just dump it in thrift shops while we shop for crap from China in Walmart

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